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What is Wannacry Ransomeware Attack?


What is Wannacry Ransomeware Attack?

Today I will talk about an incident or rather I should say an attack which has badly affected not only the India but the entire world.

WannaCry Ransomware

Attack. This attack started on Friday 12th May 2017 and within a day it has infected 230,000 computers. It is a dangerous Trojan virus for Windows computer.
Now, What Is Trojan?
Trojan is a type of malware it is used by the cyber thieves and hackers trying to gain access to the user’s system. This virus once activated it can give the access to cyber criminals to spy on you and steal your sensitive data and copy itself in many times and start many background unwanted process in pc.

This action includes:

  • Deleting data
  • Blocking data
  • Modifying data
  • Copying data

How WannaCry Virus Attacks:

When WannaCry virus attacks in your computer encrypts all your data and locks all your files and folder and then It will ask you for a ransom money in bit coin to unlock all your data and to remove this virus from your computer, that is why it is called Ransomware and after 7 days without payment all the content will be deleted and you will lose all your data. In some cases, it has seen that a popup window appears and shows a message to make a payment to gain the access again but it is not sure that after paying that amount you will actually get the access or not. It is one of the largest ever cyber attack which has affected 104 countries all over the world.

Which System Is At Risk?

Windows 8
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003

Does Kill Switch helpful In WannaCry Ransomware Attack?
The kill switch can disable the wannacry function and it is even helpful in slowing down the spreading of the wannacry virus in your system. Although this kill switch process was accidentally found and somehow it saved many systems. It will not be able to save the affected devices but it can prevent the other system from damage.

What is Kill Switch?

Now if you don’t know what kill switch is? It is an emergency power off (EPO) system which is also known as emergency stop (e-stop). In this, you can safely shut down the system or device in an emergency situation. It is designed to abort the operation as quickly as possible.

How Do I Protect My Computer?

The first step which you need to take is always to keep your system updated frequently download new updates.

  • Always download and install latest version security anti virus.
  • Never open any suspected links and folders in your email.
  • Always keep your system with auto data backup and regularly take backup of all your data so that in such condition you can always have the recovery.
  • Do not visit unsafe and unreliable websites
  • Phishing Website
  • You may get some email using some popular services name like PayPal or like so, which can be a cyber attack but you can find some significant difference between these fraud and genuine emails they might have a very little difference with the original services or company name or format for an example if you got a fraud email it will be from PayePal instead of PayPal and you can easily prevent this attacks. You just need to be little more careful about all this.
  • Always disconnect your internet from your computer when you are not working on it.
WannaCry Ransomware Attack On Banks:
You won’t believe that India is amongst the most affected countries by this attack. Several banks in India were closed for the protection purpose against this crime however banks officially denied with this but they are not taking this threat lightly they all are on high alert.
Other Government Websites:

The governance department has closed and blocked several websites for the protection purpose as the risk is very high.

My Words:

I would recommend you to Use Window 10 or linux because window 10 is updated firewall and defender and this virus work only in windows because this file in .exe extension so its not working on linux and read more and more about this virus to stay updated because people who have more technical knowledge they can take the prevention immediately but people who are totally unaware of such things they might have to face big problems if their computer get affected with this virus because they neither can prevent it nor they know how to deal with it.
What do if system affected to this ransomware :
Never pay to the attacker because the never give back your data and meet some tech. engineer they help you.


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