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How Use Pendrive As RAM In Windows


Today we are sharing a tutorial on how to use Pendrive as RAM in your Windows computers. Most of us are using the Desktop in our daily routine whenever we are busy with a couple of works we’ll notice somewhat sluggish experience unless your PC is of top notch.If you are a Windows computer user with less RAM installed in your PC, here is the solution to make your computer run faster by using RAM as Pendrive

To Use Pendrive As RAM In Windows .Just follow these simple steps…………


  • First insert your Pendrive to your System.
  • Then Go to My Computer right-click on your pen drive and click on the properties.


  • In the Properties window click on the Ready Boost tab. Then tick  “use this Device” and Drag the Reserve System memory to the maximum. In my Case, it is 4094. Then click on the apply. after Ready boost will configure to Cache on your Pen drive.

    Note: My Pendrive size is 8 GB, So I’m using only 4 Gb due to some files present in my Pendrive. Always eject the Pendrive before you unplug from your computer.


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